Designer[Insider]: KYNAH

Red is a powerful color across cultures, especially for South Asian women, but I’ve always had a complicated relationship with the color red. I now realize that conflict came from my own quiet rejection of tradition — a tradition I can maybe now appreciate with deeper insight. As I continue to work through my relationship […]

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2018: Year of the Power Suit

This year has been a pivotal one for me both personally and professionally. I took bigger risks, sought out new experiences, and demanded more from myself than ever before. I’m finally comfortable with being me and this new celebration of my fiercest realest inner self has manifested into my sartorial choices. If there was a […]

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D[I] Food Guide 2018

There are a lot of things I’m passionate about — mental health, culture, art, fashion, music, travel, etc. — but nothing compares to my love for food. No really, it’s my favorite topic and luckily Dallas has a thriving food scene, so there’s always something to talk about. I have been updating my special curated […]

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On Saturday October 13, 2018, Fashion X hosted its 5th annual fashion show at Sixty Five Hundred in Dallas entitled Fashion X DFW: South Asia and it was exactly what we needed. Inclusion is a word we hear often, however we do not truly understand the impact of this term until we experience it firsthand. I was born […]


Designer[Insider]: Sanaya Set

Dallas [Intuitive] is passionate about using our platform to nurture a creative community and support individuals who are challenging the norms. Representation begins with us, so we along with countless others use our voice to talk about diversity, mental health, culture, social issues, and topics pertaining to womxn of color as communicated through creativity. We […]

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D[I] Travel Guide: Punta Cana

I don’t really want to go on record stating that Hazim was right, but he was right when he decided that Europe was a crap option for a winter honeymoon (even though Italy was my dream) and somehow surprised me with a super relaxing 4-day trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Coming off the the […]

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D[I] Travel Guide: Santorini

If you’re like me, you have probably lusted over the countless pics of this place with the white clay buildings and blue domes. It’s picture perfect, but I was hoping for more. Santorini was the final stop of our big Eurotrip and since we were traveling in the winter time, most of Oia was dead. […]

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Mental Health + Social Media

     About 40% of the entire world’s population uses social media, spending an average of about 2 hours on various platforms throughout their day. The staggering statistic is reflective of how social media has evolved into an integral part of the landscape of communication & connectivity. Researchers continue to investigate the impact of this new […]

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The Ethics of Blogging

The role of an influencer evolves as the landscape of traditional marketing changes. We see more bloggers with a vast following partnering with large-scale corporations, and while this rapidly growing, niche market expands into a lucrative business, it prompts the question – are there rules for how influencers move through this new medium? Well, that first […]

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Designer[Insider]: Sayran

There are so many remarkable female visionaries out there, but one in particular who I find forever inspiring is Sayran Barzani, founder of her eponymous jewelry line “Sayran”. The collections — inspired by her Kurdish heritage — are bold and provide a modern perspective into a multifaceted cultural identity. Sayran is an outspoken activist for […]

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