Green Gal Riri

The best part of styling is the experimentation — the oscillating between ideas & inspiration for a look that is not only wearable but creatively stimulating. When I saw these killer green embroidered satin boots at Zara, they gave me total Rihanna-in-Balenciaga vibes from her “Wild Thoughts” music video. I love when something dope from […]

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Designer[Insider]: HoliChic by Megha

Devī (Sanskrit: देवी) is the Sanskrit word for “goddess” We hear a lot about supporting and empowering women, but celebrating others begins with celebrating yourself. I learned this from my grandmother who taught me the importance of self love. My Naani is the quintessential matriarch who does not sit for a second and is constantly […]

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A Mindful Closet

We are fortunate to possess many material things, so many that we run out of space to keep it all and then we forget about it. It happens, but to mitigate a lot of the wastefulness and hoarding, it's important to approach our materialism with mindfulness. If you are like me and go into a […]

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Above The Influence

One of the greatest tools you possess as a creative is the ability to pull inspiration from the most unlikely of sources — from cultures you identify with, from family histories however complex, or from people that exist in this space we call life together. The amalgamation of all these influences is what makes you […]

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     Comfort has become my key consideration and it has a lot to do with all that changed in my life these past few months. After my month-long Indian/Pakistani wedding this past November, I’m over decking out in full bridal mode. The heels, the hair, the makeup & heavy lashes — all of it […]


Designer[Insider]: RONAK & BAHAAR

     At Dallas[Intuitive], we are always seeking out brands that celebrate something different, which led us to the creative venture Ronak & Bahaar. Founders Sanaa & Sabaa explore their Pakistani heritage through jewelry, allowing us a glimpse of old-world Pakistani charm with a fresh perspective on culture & tradition. South Asian jewelry speaks to […]

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When nothing makes sense, wear black.  OUTFIT DETAILS: JACKET: ASOS TOP: ASOS & Calvin Klein BOTTOM: Urban Outfitters SHOES: Christian Louboutin SOCKS: ASOS SUNGLASSES: Dior Photography by Bisma Khan

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     It is hard to ignore the cognitive dissonance I feel when I realize how much I spend on brands that don’t represent my values. It’s no secret most brands promote exclusivity, dressing wealthy thin white bodies instead of branding towards people of color, people of various sizes, or people from different socioeconomic classes. […]



     I believe style is a form of protest and speaks to issues that go beyond vanity and decorum. The right to represent yourself the way you choose is as inalienable as any other. Fashion no doubt can be superfluous and material, but the immateriality of style can lend itself to resistance, revolution, and […]



As someone who values their comfort, I’m down with athleisure as the street style aesthetic of the moment, especially as brands today continue to blur the lines of activewear and daywear. The actual trend, however, isn’t about activewear, the trend is versatility, or creating a transitional element to the wardrobe. I could speak on the […]