When nothing makes sense, wear black.  OUTFIT DETAILS: JACKET: ASOS TOP: ASOS & Calvin Klein BOTTOM: Urban Outfitters SHOES: Christian Louboutin SOCKS: ASOS SUNGLASSES: Dior Photography by Bisma Khan Advertisements

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     It is hard to ignore the cognitive dissonance I feel when I realize how much I spend on brands that don’t represent my values. It’s no secret most brands promote exclusivity, dressing wealthy thin white bodies instead of branding towards people of color, people of various sizes, or people from different socioeconomic classes. […]



     I believe style is a form of protest and speaks to issues that go beyond vanity and decorum. The right to represent yourself the way you choose is as inalienable as any other. Fashion no doubt can be superfluous and material, but the immateriality of style can lend itself to resistance, revolution, and […]



As someone who values their comfort, I’m down with athleisure as the street style aesthetic of the moment, especially as brands today continue to blur the lines of activewear and daywear. The actual trend, however, isn’t about activewear, the trend is versatility, or creating a transitional element to the wardrobe. I could speak on the […]



As the year concludes, I see a lot on how 2016 was shit. No doubt we witnessed what appears to be an increase in the number of deaths, tragedies, and overall bad news. It feels like we lost a lot of lives this year, those of the nameless & countless in Syria and other parts […]

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Designer[Insider]: Gulabi Trunk

With less than 50 days until my wedding, there are only a few things at this point that I’m actually feeling good about. Wedding planning can be nightmare and one of the biggest stresses for a bride, especially when you’re planning multiple events, is styling perfect looks for each day–and with Desi weddings, that is no […]

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Spill the Tea

If you know me, you know I’m that bride who is obsessed with curated parties and attention to detail. I love to host and make people feel special because it makes me incredible happy and I cannot think of a better way to spend my time. Weddings are a celebration of the couple, but I […]

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D[I] Eats: Summer Sixteen

If you follow me on snapchat or talk to me for at least five minutes, you know I’m a huge foodie who is always on the hunt for the hottest spots in Dallas. I mean let’s be real, Dallas knows its food. You can google “Top Dallas restaurants” and be transported to list after list […]

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Designer[Insider]: India Boulevard

           When founder of India Boulevard, Akta Adani, realized the difficulties of wedding shopping in India due to high markups, generic styles, and lack of customization, she decided to create a platform that allows women like herself to gain easy access to a stress-free bespoke experience. India Boulevard engages users in […]

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