Above The Influence

One of the greatest tools you possess as a creative is the ability to pull inspiration from the most unlikely of sources — from cultures you identify with, from family histories however complex, or from people that exist in this space we call life together. The amalgamation of all these influences is what makes you who you are — which is why I find the word influencer so interesting. On one hand I am conflicted by how I could ever take ownership of the natural flow of influence. How can I claim something so intrinsic to who we are as people? After all, the sharing of ideas is what makes us so human and once ideas are out in the world, who do they belong to? Bloggers, influencers, creatives, marketers — these are different words for people who are vessels of creativity and inspiration by sharing their unique perspectives. And I am just that, a small fiber along that thread of what ties us all together through ideas, insight, and conversations. Sometimes we own our perspectives, other times we owe it to others.





Cape: Fuel Mumbai (not available online)

Pants: Missguided

Nosering: Forever 21

Choker: Ronak & Bahaar

Photography by the supremely talented Michelle Khan. Check out her photography page and Instagram


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