Dallas [Intuitive] is a creative agency and media platform that focuses on original digital content creation and offers services in social media management, event coordinating, marketing/advertising, and brand consulting. Our services consist of:

  • Consulting with companies and local firms by consistently maintaining their social media platforms as well as developing creative methods to increase online presence and strategizing to grow brand equity by cultivating a vast amount of information on online trends
  • Coordinating with companies to organize events such as brand launches, conferences, banquets, galas, and fashion shows. This includes a wide range of skills in developing concepts, managing a network of vendors and media, and managing every aspect of an event from initial concept to the day of
  • Collaborating with PR firms and marketing companies such as Volk PR and The Dealey Group to promote local events and provide media coverage for local events such as Fashion X Dallas
  • Maintaining an online website utilizing skills in coding and formatting to create original digital content for brand campaigns. Content development focuses mainly on fashion, lifestyle, and local topics. Skills include being well-versed in online tools, processors, and SEOs by interpreting statistical & diagnostic information in order to better understand media outreach and turn online numbers into business revenue

For more information on our services & pricing, please use our contact page, or send an email directly to