A Mindful Closet

We are fortunate to possess many material things, so many that we run out of space to keep it all and then we forget about it. It happens, but to mitigate a lot of the wastefulness and hoarding, it's important to approach our materialism with mindfulness.

If you are like me and go into a state of style amnesia while shopping, there is hope. I'm not going to make you watch the Minimalism documentary on Netflix, throw out your stuff, and confine you to a life without material possession because going from one extreme to another extreme is never the solution, but finding a balance in the way you consume is. Purposeful shopping saves you time & money and to understand what you need, you have to understand what you already have.

My approach for my wardrobe has evolved so much over time. Initially I would be so enamored by unique finds that I would forget about my closet as a whole. After color-coding my entire wardrobe, I was surprised to learn so much about my shopping habits like the fact that I have more white than any other color. I mean, who knew?

Organizing your closet provides a great visual assessment on the types of clothes you gravitate towards. You can use any type of system to help manage your clothes, whether you do it by color like me, by style, trends, or whatever classification you find most effective. Revisit what you have and fall in love again with pieces you grew away from. Think about your collection as a whole and how it represents you. Hold on to the pieces that are important to you, the ones with meaning, and then resell or donate the rest. Your wardrobe should evolve as you do, so don't hesitate to let go.


Top: Tommy Hilfiger

Blazer: H&M

Pants: Nordstrom

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

Sunglasses: Dior "So Real"

Photography by the supremely talented Michelle Khan. Check out her photography page and Instagram


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