Sometimes the best outfits are the ones that take you somewhere else, another place, another time. I find myself revisiting pieces in my wardrobe because they transport me.

This particular look takes me back to my childhood — high tops, turtlenecks, rainbow palettes and vibrant curiosity. I snagged this Tommy Hilfiger jacket on sale at Urban Outfitters in Denver along with menswear cotton turtlenecks, like the white one I’ve worn here. These dark wash, stretchy, high-waisted Dex Jeans are from a boutique called Beloved in Breckinridge. The look is paired with retro eyewear, a delicate gold chain, and white high-top Air Force 1s. It’s cool, casual, comfortable — everything a 90s girl should be.

What piece in your wardrobe inspires you the most? Where would you like fashion to take you? Drop a comment below!


Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger

Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Pants: Dex Jeans

Accessories: Thrifted

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1


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