Basic Skin Wins

     Unfortunately, I suffer from really dry, temperamental skin. I have tried so many moisturizers and skincare products from Aveda, Lush, BareMinerals, etc. and even got some medical cream called “Elta”, but for some reason, nothing really worked for me. My grandma urged to then try an all-natural/holistic route, so I bought aloe vera gel […]


Lupita Nyong’o and Other Things That Amaze Me

    Lupita Nyong’s sparked a wildfire in the film and fashion industry. With her unique persona, stylish taste, and outstanding talent, the media grapples with her sudden success. The media starts off with how she won an Academy Award, following with mentions of her Kenyan background, her exotic look, and other odd praises. There […]



One of the most precious facets of style is the ability to pull inspiration from anywhere. Culture and style go hand-in-hand. As a first generation Indian American, I take a lot of pride in fusing my two worlds together. There’s always a subtle element of my Indian heritage, whether it’s the small “tops” my mother […]