Designer[Insider]: Sayran

There are so many remarkable female visionaries out there, but one in particular who I find forever inspiring is Sayran Barzani, founder of her eponymous jewelry line “Sayran”. The collections — inspired by her Kurdish heritage — are bold and provide a modern perspective into a multifaceted cultural identity. Sayran is an outspoken activist for the Kurdish community and her passion for the culture manifests in the most glorious way in her designs.

Strong, creative, passionate women are at the forefront of fashion and when emerging designers use their platform to speak about issues that are important, they are using their platforms to make the conversation bigger than fashion. They — like Sayran — are creating real change.

Check out the collection on her website and follow her on Instagram!


Coat: ASOS

Top: Saint Laurent

Pants: Ralph Lauren Leopard Pajamas

Shoes: Zara

Earrings: Sayran


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