Photo by @michellekhxn and @alexmoraga_

With this look I wanted to reiterate how much I love monochrome. There is so much ease in this type of styling and nothing flows better than pairing pieces that feel like they belong together — like neon with more neon.

People with a penchant for prints might find this type of styling overdone or safe because essentially you’re matching, but I think monochrome solids are an experimentation of color in all it’s variations. When you strip away the fuss of print and look at a fully solid-colored outfit, you are left with the color itself. You can appreciate it in its direct form without distractions and that’s when you start to experience the essence of color, texture, lines, and silhouettes.

And a monochrome neon suit? That’s a game changer.

I found this neon green suit on @ASOS and the neon turtleneck and Nike shoes from @UrbanOutfitters. The pieces are bright and unapologetic bold and I’m here for it.

Color takes me to interesting places.

Photo by @michellekhxn and @alexmoraga_

Photo by @michellekhxn and @alexmoraga_


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