Change is a beautiful terrifying necessary thing — and I’m learning to get comfortable with the uncomfortable process of growth.

The start of the decade brought along immense change in all aspects of my life. It brought a new home, a new career move, new ideas, new direction, and a renewed appreciation for growth and learning.

I don’t know when I realized everything changed, and I’m not sure if I’ve come to terms with just how much has changed, but it feels good. It feels like movement (hopefully onward and upward).

Dallas Intuitive is growing and changing in the new year. I’m not sure exactly the direction it will go, but I have high expectations for the things we can accomplish on the platform and the changes we can make.

As my first post of 2020, I wanted to share a collaboration that feels both old and new with a team I adore. Many things have changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the way creativity comes to light when inspired women join together in the pursuit of passion. It’s beautiful.

Photo by @inayacphoto and HMUA by @hmandaviamakeup
Photo by @inayacphoto and HMUA by @hmandaviamakeup







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