D[I] Eats: Summer Sixteen

If you follow me on snapchat or talk to me for at least five minutes, you know I’m a huge foodie who is always on the hunt for the hottest spots in Dallas. I mean let’s be real, Dallas knows its food. You can google “Top Dallas restaurants” and be transported to list after list of awesome dining options, but I think it’s time to highlight some new spots on the scene that haven’t shown up on those lists just yet. So, here’s my personal list of 16 restaurants that have me coming back more times than I care to admit:

  1. Big Guys Chicken and Rice: If you aren’t savvy to the lamb-over-rice trend yet, you MUST make your way to Deep Ellum’s newest gem. Located right on Elm, Big Guys brings the NYC halal street cart to Dallas and let me just say, it does it right. The meats are flavorful, the portions are just right, and if you’re a glutton like me, you will probably order one to-go for later. Extra sauce.
  2. OMG Tacos: The thing about tacos around here is that everyone thinks they serve the best tacos. Street tacos aren’t anything new. However OMG Taco does a phenomenal job bringing a new Korean BBQ flair to traditional Mexican street tacos. My go-to is the classic OMG Taco on flour with avocado. Like I promise you, you’ll want to eat the KorBBQ meat by itself…by the pounds. And don’t get me started on the elote corn. 
  3. Local Press + Brew: I’m not a coffee/cappuccino person at all. And I don’t have a taste for pressed juices and all those other hipster things. I still have PTSD from kale chips. But, Local Press + Brew is my favorite little cafe right now because their avocado toast is just so damn good. Paired with their pressed coconut juice and it’s got me feeling ways.
  4. Neighborhood Services: All you need in your life is the London Broil, or flank steak and fries with voodoo sauce. Extra voodoo sauce. The food here is major. It has me coming back and the overall dining experience is just dope.
  5. Filament: Located in Deep Ellum, Filament really is a beautiful extension of Chef Matt McCallister’s sublime FT33. The ambiance is eclectic and inviting. And the food is banger after banger. I love the concept, I love the food, it’s a total date night spot.
  6. Maple & Motor: The brisket burger is made of dreams. I don’t have much else to say except that if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’re really missing out on a solid burger. 
  7. East Hampton Sandwich Co.: I never thought I’d crave New England chowder and lobster rolls, but East Hampton has got me always in the mood for warm soup and lobster. It’s comforting and fresh, and I mean they give you a cup of melted butter for the sandwich, so if there’s any way to live (and die of a heart attack) this is it. 
  8. Asian Mint: my Thai comfort spot. The coconut soup is delicious. The pad see eiw is the best, and the jasmine Creme brûlée is next level. Not to mention, the decor is so fresh.
  9. Emporium Pies: Lord of the Pies is the most delicious apple pie I’ve ever had. And with ice cream? Game over. It’s delicious, Instagram-worthy, and delicious.
  10. Babe’s Chicken: I love southern cooking and honestly no one does it better than Babe’s. It feels homey and warm and so quintessentially American. The salad is misleadingly addicting. The biscuits are decadent, and I actually fell in love with fried catfish here. Also, I can basically finish the entire sweet corn side by myself. 
  11. HG Supply Co.: Really makes me think about food. How it’s sourced, how it looks, how it feels. I find their menu to be so interesting and undoubtedly delicious. You can’t go wrong with any of it. Also, the rooftop bar has one of my favorite views of the city.
  12. Madrina: This French-inspired Mexican restaurant in Highland Park is so sophisticated. The food is thoughtful and comforting. The esquites and Brussel sprouts are addictive. And the seared lamb is worth every calorie.
  13. Pecan Lodge: Solid Texas BBQ is found here. The brisket, the sides — everything is so great. My personal favorite is the Hot Mess, a brisket stuffed cheesy sweet potato gifted from the Food Gods. 
  14. Jinn Korean BBQ: If you want authentic yet not too foreign, come here. This Korean BBQ buffet is everything, and the best part–aside from the short ribs– are the wings. And did I mention it’s a buffet?
  15. Afrah: I can probably tell you the entire Afrah menu by heart so that may say something about how solid their food is. This Lebanese staple is the best in Dallas. My favorite is the akawi pie and shish tawook sandwich!
  16. Hash House A Go Go: This west coast  restaurant has been one of the most anticipated additions to the Dallas scene and the Plano location does not disappoint. With its giant portions, Hash House is right at home in Texas. And they have chicken waffles bigger than my face so naturally I’m down. 


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