Designer[Insider]: India Boulevard

Photography by Maaz Khan

     When founder of India Boulevard, Akta Adani, realized the difficulties of wedding shopping in India due to high markups, generic styles, and lack of customization, she decided to create a platform that allows women like herself to gain easy access to a stress-free bespoke experience. India Boulevard engages users in a creative process that not only allows them to be involved, but in control of every step in curating their style and translating it into a product of their vision. 

     As a bride who recently made two trips to Mumbai for the purpose of wedding shopping, a platform that puts this type of curated experience at your fingertips is the future. No longer are we running around alleys hunting down kaarigars and exhaustedly explaining directions to tailors, praying they understand the vision. And while these craftsmen are exceptionally gifted, so many things are lost in translation and you are left unsettled about the final product. Brides of the diaspora share similar experiences. Only a few are able to actually go back to their home countries to experience the process. Brides who are not able to return to the home country to shop have to source from an often small and uninspired collection of local bridal wear, or then rely on friends and family back home to handle the styling of the most important times of their lives. 

     The lack of control and resources for South Asian women living abroad is why India Boulevard is major. Curating a style experience in a simplistic and economic way that still maintains the integrity of design is no easy task, but the success of India Boulevard and the resources it provides South Asian women goes beyond just fashion. It allows us to stay connected to culture, without the stress of travel, budgets, and other factors. 

     The supremely talented Maaz Khan captured me styling an India Boulevard navy lehenga skirt with a baby doll top from Nordstroms, a vest from Mumbai, and a necklace passed down from my mother. I cannot explain to you how epic this skirt was in terms of quality, comfort, and style. For someone like me who loves to play with separates, this India Boulevard skirt is perfect to mix and match, seamlessly transitioning from eastern to western. 

     D[I] lives to support badass South Asian women who are creating new concepts and changing the landscape of  the diaspora in unique ways. Check out India Boulevard’s  website if you are interested in curating your own style experience, or just need to fill in those gaps in your closet for some staples!

Photography by Maaz Khan

Top: Nordstroms

Vest: Mumbai

Skirt: India Boulevard


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