It has been awhile since I posted new outfits, and a lot has changed. Good things, better things, personal things, professional things — all moving towards greater growth and understanding.

Dallas[Intuitive] started as a personal style blog and to some degree I want to maintain the integrity of how we started. However, now that D[I] has evolved into a creative agency, it seems there are no limits or boundaries. That was always the intent. It’s no secret that I always had a greater vision for D[I] — as a vessel for creative exploration, a platform for cultural empowerment, and most importantly, a dialogue. 

It only seemed natural for D[I] to cross the line of where a fashion blog turns into a cultural style initiative. That is who we are and it’s what we do. Only a few months into 2016 and D[I] has immersed itself in the community; organizing fashion shows & pageants, collaborating with new boutiques & businesses, hosting brand launches, opening a social media management sector, offering style & media consulting, among many new services. We have been featured in magazines, online publications, and tons of other media, expanding our network and making new friends in the industry. It’s been a learning experience and it seems every day we gain some new insight into our potential.

So what’s next? It’s hard to know for sure, but if Dallas[Intuitive] continues to evolve at the same rate, I expect nothing less than pure honest creativity and the potential to achieve something that’s bigger than any one blog. We will continue to cross the lines. With your limitless love and support, it’s all possible. 

Photography by Maaz Khan

Blazer: Bar III

Jumpsuit: Trumpet Jewels

Shoes: Forever 21

Scarf: Junaid Jamshed


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