Today we are throwing major shade at anyone who still believes in the superfluous rules of convention and style. It’s 2016. There is no right or wrong when it comes to personal design and portrayal. Because if you operate on the belief that style is intrinsic, then you also may feel style is an extension of creative expression. And if you operate on the belief that people solely dress for others–well, bye. Because it’s always been about more than just clothes or trends here at D[I]. 

Some of you may not see the detrimental effects of negative attitudes towards unconventional style choices, because this issue may not be a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but before you quietly judge the appearance or taste of another, consider this:

People value different things.

Style progressives use their appearance to express their beliefs, to take control of their self-portrayal and be masters of their own design. People use style and clothes to fit in to an aesthetic or perhaps fit against an aesthetic. This is especially true for the Transgender community, a marginalized group that faces immense scrutiny for their lifestyle choices daily. Suddenly, an outfit is no longer just an outfit. It’s an identity. And when you criticize someone’s identity, you change the way they see themselves. 

So is it your place to have that kind of effect on someone’s self-concept?

We all do it, quietly judging and criticizing fashion choices. Especially in the fashion world, where egos touch the Gods and one tastemaker’s opinion becomes the law of the land.

But really, who are we to judge?  


And now to the outfit. We paired a large men’s grey tshirt from Walmart with an oversize wool coat, OTK suede grey boots, and a grey jersey infinity scarf draped over the head all from Forever 21. Complete the outfit with some badass sunnies and you’ve got a complex look for under $100. 


Top: Walmart Men’s Fruit of the Loom basic grey full-sleeve Tshirt

Outerwear: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

Accessories: Forever 21


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