If you’re a frequent follower of Dallas[Intuitive], you might have noticed a penchant for bright yellows coupled with a striking cobalt blue. It is my most beloved combination, one that I find exciting and aesthetically stunning. I get asked often about how I pair color, which can be tricky. In a style scene dominated by the muted Kimye neutrals, which is so 2015 y’all, finding a space for color is all about balance. Contrary to popular belief, you can have an entire outfit comprised of bold colors. My general template for color usually consists of mixing jewel tones with a neon color pop and black or white to balance it out. The rule for color is that there is no rule. There is no such thing as too much because color and texture can go hand in hand, so certain hues in various textures change the entire vibe of the look completely. This particular outfit was styled according to these sick London Trash boots. I love styling around a statement piece because it gives you that bit of inspiration and allows you to expand beyond that one point.



Top: Eileen Fisher

Coat: ASOS

Shoes: London Trash

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

-Photography by Taj Gold. Follow him on Instagram and check out his work here


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