My style is very eclectic and does not subscribe to one particular look. I go from looking like a grungy middle-aged man to looking like I’m headed to tea with the Queen. Both masculinity and femininity is equally empowering and it’s that dichotomy of style that continues to keep me intrigued in fashion. Style is the medium through which you learn about yourself and how you want to be portrayed. People are multidimensional and their style should reflect that. 

For this particular look, I wanted to feel effortlessly feminine. I borrowed this stunning dress from my mother as well as her baby pink pashmina paired with her dainty crystal necklace by Nadri. My mom really is the most elegant and sophisticated lady I know, so it’s only natural I would invade her closet (as usual).


Dress: Adrianna Papel

Shoes: Macy’s

Necklace: Nadri

Photography: Shamain K Photography

Hair&Makeup: Christina Williams Singh of Beauty On The Go


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