makeup black leather jacket

This particular outfit was interesting to style and at times a bit challenging. I mixed edgy masculine leather and a feminine bustier with whimsical fur shoes and a classic midi skirt, paired with a stunning rhinestone necklace from Bali by Sana. This contrast between masculine and feminine has always intrigued me. There is a lot of support for androgynous or gender fluid looks that do not subscribe to one particular stylization. And I think it’s fantastic. Because sticking to convention is so 2001. I initially found myself questioning whether these particular elements would work together, but I think for me lately, it’s not about finding what works, it’s making it work.

black leather jacket midi


Bustier top: Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitton

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: ASOS

Accessories: Bali by Sana

Photography: Shamain K Photography

Hair&Makeup: Christina Williams Singh of Beauty On The Go


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