The Dallas Desi Bride Guide

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If there’s anything about our culture we love & hate (but secretly love the most still), it’s a big fat Desi wedding. Our weddings are over-the-top, crazy, fun, dramatic, colorful, beautiful, and exhausting. Especially exhausting. While western weddings last maybe a day, our Desi weddings last a weekend, well, technically a month. Yes. It’s true. Our weddings are a big deal, but hey so is marriage, right? South Asian weddings, regardless if you are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. all generally follow a similar and extensive format–which is why planning a Desi wedding takes a village. Literally. And you’re probably related to all of them. For South Asian brides in Dallas, it can be challenging to find vendors that work with our unique bridal needs. And while our community is growing, so are our options, but where to start? My personal experience with planning our wedding set for Thanksgiving 2016 has been interesting. What I found lacking most were resources. I live by lists, so I knew I had to create the ultimate starting point for brides. It seems the wedding business is driven by word-of-mouth, so Dallas[Intuitive] has asked YOU to give us your suggestions for planning a the perfect Desi wedding and here’s what we got:

Step 1: Venue

  • Eldorado Country Club
  • Embassy Suites Frisco
  • Double Tree Richardson
  • Omni Richardson
  • Reflections on Spring Creek
  • Crystal Banquet Hall
  • Eisemann Center
  • Hilton Rockwall
  • Hilton Anatole
  • The Four Seasons
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Curtis Culwell Center Garland
  • Dallas Palms Carrollton
  • Lal Qila Carrolton
  • Sheraton Downtown Dallas
  • Westin Galleria
  • Plano Civic Center

*There are tons of venues not listed, but a quick google search will take you to many more options. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and opt for a cool clubhouse or vintage barn. Things to consider: Hotels are more expensive per head, but provide more services such as staff, cutlery, and sometimes even the platform for the stage. Clubhouses may be cheaper & cuter, but probably come with less.

Step 2: Wedding planner/coordinator

Step 3: Decor

*Don’t feel bound to one decorator. It might be beneficial to have separate decorators for different events, or even using one decorator for tables and another for the stage!

Step 4: Catering

  • Al Markaz
  • Ayesha Catering
  • Bilal Catering (Crystal Banquet)
  • BBQ Tonite
  • Afrah Mediterranean
  • Fadis Mediterranean
  • Noodle Wave Thai
  • Crescent Moon Halal Chinese
  • Halal Dickey’s Barbecue

*Again, there are many more options, but these are the most commonly used & recommended. If you are brown, food is key. People barely remember any of the decor or details, but they will remember your clothes and the food!

Step 5: Wedding Cards

Step 6: Cake

Step 7: Photography and/or Videography

Step 9: Entertainment/DJ

Step 10: Hair & Make-up

*Every bride wants to look like a princess, so make sure your hair & makeup artist shares your vision. Do not be afraid to criticize–it’s YOUR wedding. At the same time, trust your artist. A good artist knows what will pop on stage!

Step 11: Henna/Mehndi

Step 12: Floral Jewelry

Step 13: Novelty Ideas

For all prospective brides, Dallas has an amazing bridal show scene. Be sure to check Facebook for details!

While there are many other deserving vendors to be listed, we could not include each one. The included were based off positive customer experience. Here at D[I], we were not compensated in any way to feature specific companies in order to maintain integrity for the resources we provide. If you do reach out to some of the listed vendors, be sure to mention Dallas[Intuitive] for special deals and discounts. And if you are a potential vendor and want more information on how to be featured on our list, email us!


  1. Samiya Hossain

    Hello! I’m a Dallas Makeup and Hair Artist specializing in Weddings and special occasion! I was wondering how I can add my business name to your list of hair and makeup category for this blog post. Thank you!


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