All Black

After my brief visit to New York City, my love affair with black-on-black-on-black has only grown. Monochrome is a safe bet, and thanks to Kimmy and her following, we see a lot of neutral palette coordinates and single-tone stylings. While the plain crop top and plain, matched bottoms are a solid ode to minimale, I find it uninspiring in many ways. An outfit, even one with all black, can have complexity. Just because it’s all black, it can still be imaginative, multifaceted, yet effortless.

Playing with texture is key when trying to stick to one color. Black-on-black for me lately includes my favorite new Forever 21 pointed leather booties. Saint Laurent on a budget, if you will, but these kicks got me from New Jersey to Coney Island and everything in between. Another staple are my beloved high-waisted black destroyed skinnies from Urban Outfitters that I found on sale for $10 and ripped myself because duh it’s cool and everyone is doing it. Incorporating a bit of festival style, I continued my rendezvous with an ASOS lace-up body suit and fringe velvet gypsy shawl. Top it off with a hat from H&M and RayBans and I’m ready to rage out with all my Lolla lovelies. Moral of the story? Use textures to be creative. All black can be chic, but it can be boring and predictable. Flirt with a couple of trends from time to time and find what inspires you. 


Outfit Details:

Shoes: Forever 21

Pants: Urban Outfitters

Bodysuit: ASOS

Shawl: ASOS

Hat: H&M

Sunglasses: RayBan


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