Sporty Spice


Fashion trends are very much cyclical and what was once old, is now new again (or then vintage). Major brands like Nike, ADIDAS, Reebok, and even FILA are making a major comeback as sports luxe continues to be the coveted look. Casual is the mantra as the fashionable trade in fuss for effortless. Am I complaining? Not one bit. Because it gives me a chance to channel my inner Sporty Spice and bring you a bit of ADIDAS revival with the help of photographer extraordinaire Shamain Khan. 

What I’m loving most about streetstyle is the acceptance of sneakers as fashionable footwear.  Afterall, how can we have a conversation about streetstyle without urban staples like sick ass kicks? Streetstyle is suppose to capture what the stylish wear daily, so do they really look like that? No. Many bloggers caught casually roaming the streets in stilettos admit to swapping out footwear for the sake of the shot, so to see a shift for comfort makes it easier on all of us. 


So we want to know: Are you feeling sporty, or would you rather keep it prim & proper? Let us know your thoughts!

Outfit Details:


Jeans: vintage

Shoes: H&M

Eyewear: Buffalo Exchange


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