This post will be brief since I am still unwell & recovering yet also hopelessly bored on bedrest. 

As part of the editorial shoot I was doing with the amazingly talented photographer Shamain Khan, we decided to jump in the pool after burning to a crisp to try and take a few water shots if possible. Now, I’ve done a lot of photo shoots in some bizarre places, so this wasn’t that out there, but it was definitely an experience to remember. 


I liked the ethereal quality of the maxi embroidered kimono and thought it would fit well flowing in the water. Granted I’ve probably ruined this outfit for life, BUT I did it for the aesthetic. And with a visionary like Shamain to work with, we captured some unique and striking images. It’s all in the name of art, okay.


Kimono: Forever 21

Tank top: Nordstroms

Jeans: Vintage/thrifted


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