Someone once asked me what my personal style was like. It was such a perplexing question because I consider myself a style eclectic. I change looks on mood, phases, anything really, because inspiration is everywhere. But if you want to know my honest advice about developing style, experiment and be unapologetic. Not everything will look flattering or conventionally pretty, but that is not what this is about. Style is a medium through which you explore creativity, painting pictures with the most basic aesthetic representation of self: Clothes. 


There is a weird elusive way about style. The harder you try, the more contrived it looks. And when trends bounce back and forth from overworked to effortless, it’s hard to keep up. So don’t. Do what feels right, what comes easy. This pairing was simple & flattering and looks way more “put-together” than I felt (it was like a 100 degrees and I was fasting). No fuss, just a black kaftan wrap dress from H&M, a futuristic necklace from Bar III, comfy platforms from Jeffery Campbell, and a bizarre blue lip from MAC. 


Photography by Shamain Khan


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