Knit Picks

Every fall/winter season I treat myself to a few new pieces such as nice heels or boots, scarves, a new fur coat, a purse, and cozy knit sweaters. Especially sweaters. Because it’s usually all or nothing with me. In the winters, I’m either in men’s sweats from Walmart, or flamboyantly strutting around in lavish fur and leather, so finding that perfect cozy knit ensures that I reach a happy medium. For this #ootd, I found this divine knit sweater from H&M for only $10 as part of their weekly deals. I cannot express enough how comfy, light, and non-itchy this one is–plus the olive tone is quintessential fall fashion. I totally didn’t expect to fall in love with a $10 sweater, but I’m not complaining. Winter fashion is pricey, and sometimes unnecessary since, at least here in Dallas, it’s really not that cold majority of the time. Finding comfy, cute, and cheap tops like this is the dream. Paired with knee-ripped skinnies, extravagant leopard fur, gold and heels, this look can easily take you late into the night.
-Outfit Details-
Top: H&M
Outerwear: Zara
Bottom: Urban Outfitter
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Jewelry: H&M

*All photo credits go to Shamain K. Photography


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