Vintage Florals & NYE

This season is always full of celebration and festivities of all sorts. The malls are packed and every window displays their latest glitter minis and sequined tops because what says holidays better than glitter, right?

Debatable. If you’re like me, and are beyond over the sparkles and glitter, go vintage. While everyone looks like a disco ball, opt for something funky, colorful, and bold.


Thrift stores, consignment boutiques, and resale shops are stock piled with amazing pieces, if you give yourself the time to look. This particular look consists of a vintage top I found at Buffalo Exchange for $4 and H&M pants I found on sale for $15. Cheap, cute, and even comfy. Instead of doing the usual short, sparkly dresses for NYE while freezing your ass off, why not pay homage to the 70s in an outrageous top and some nice warm slacks?

– Outfit Details –
Top: Buffalo Exchange
Bottoms: H&M
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Necklace: H&M

*All photo credits go to Shamain K. Photography*

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