Faux Real

     There is something so undeniably glamorous about fur–faux fur, to be clear, before PETA gets on my ass. You can see the appeal. It’s luxurious, timeless, functional, and nothing tops the drama.

If you are on the hunt this season for some dramatic new facet to your wardrobe, invest in faux fur. A fluffy gillet, or chic coat can truly turn drab into deathly fab. The best places? Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters all have fantastic fur and even more fantastic seasonal sales. Buy it cheap, wear it next season, because faux fur will never go out of style.

fur 1




Outfit Details

Outerwear: Zara

Top: Nordstrom’s

Bottom: H&M

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Handbag: Celine

Hats: Forever 21

Jewelry: H&M & Cartier

*All photo credits go to Shamain K. Photography*


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