Kaz Kouture + Shamain K. Photography

Here at D[I], we LOVE the ladies at Kaz Kouture and all the beautiful baubles they have to offer. From unique scarves and headpieces, to beautiful necklaces, elegant earrings and bracelets, I was having a hard time not to falling in love with every piece from their brilliant new collection. And when you combine amazing designs with a visionary such as Shamain Khan from Shamain K. Photography, what do you get? Well, this:







I am so fortunate to work with such an inspiring group of people. I’ve said it many many times, but Dallas seriously has some of the most brilliant, innovative, talented ladies I’ve ever come across, especially in the South Asian community, and the women at Kaz Kouture and Shamain K. Photography definitely fit that description. So if you’re on the lookout for some stunning new jewels for winter wedding season, or if you need fantastic shots, then drop what you’re doing and go support these girls in their creative endeavors!

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