Designer[Insider]: Popinjay

The latest thing to hit Dallas, which I’m really excited about, is Popinjay. This upscale brand sells a beautiful line of handbags with quality as their tenet. Locally and ethically sourced, the product is made by 150 skilled artisans and seamstresses in Hafizabad. By connecting these talented women to a global market, Popinjay provides an opportunity for self-sufficiency in a region where opportunities are scarce for women. As South Asian women, we know how impeccably detailed and masterful the seamstresses in that region are, so it’s fabulous that their skills are being celebrated on a global scale. From a fashion perspective, much of the old-world quality and the art of craftsmanship is totally lost in mass retail, and to see a successful brand being fair to its workers, while producing quality and style is really refreshing.


So where can you find out more? Well for starters, check out their website here. Another great opportunity coming up is the Popinjay Trunk Show hosted by Brand Ambassador Azra Siddiqi on Saturday November 29 from 1-6pm at 7770 Silverbrook Lane Frisco Texas 75034. Here’s the Facebook event if you’re interested.

I definitely recommended looking into the brand, guys, they’re sending a really powerful message to the fashion world and switching things up!

“It is a manifestation of their skill, their love for craft, and their determination to earn their living with dignity.”


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