D[I] Travel Guide: Santorini

If you’re like me, you have probably lusted over the countless pics of this place with the white clay buildings and blue domes. It’s picture perfect, but I was hoping for more. Santorini was the final stop of our big Eurotrip and since we were traveling in the winter time, most of Oia was dead. From what I experienced though, regardless of the season, Santorini does not have much to offer aside from killer views. If you go in the winter, it’s cold & dead. If you go in the summer, it’s hot, crowded, and very expensive. Despite some details, Santorini overall is a beautiful place, especially for a quick romantic getaway. It’s one of those destinations that you could probably visit once in your life — and then never again.

Stay: We AirBnb-ed a villa right on the main cliff of Oia where you see all the typical pics. Location-wise, the accommodations right off the main side of Oia are pretty good, but also a little dangerous to get to. Since they are essentially clay caves in the mountain, it can get stuffy inside.

Transportation: You can’t take a car or anything to most of those picturesque spots within town, so be prepared to walk. You will be climbing some very steep, unsteady stairs to get those pics for the ‘gram. If you really want to live it up, you can always ride the donkeys making their way through the small alleys.

Shop: You don’t really go to Santorini to shop. Like most resort-style vacation spots, the shopping is geared towards tourists. There are a few random little shops and I even found one trendy shop with brands I recognize, but the prices were obviously insane. There is also a hidden little bookstore down the road from the main town church.

Eat: Roka, Lotza, Avocado, Dimitris, Louda, Lolita’s, and Kastros are some restaurants to look into. There are only a few spots with decent food, so don’t expect too much variety. The cuisine is generally a mix between Greek and Italian and you’re by the ocean, so be sure to try some of the fresh seafood.

Visit: Oia is the tourist spot, whereas Fira is more where the locals are and if you’re bold enough you can do the Oia-to-Fira sunrise hike. Santorini is not big, so be sure to check out the other parts like ancient Thira. Honestly we stayed there about 2 days and it was MORE than enough time. The days get pretty warm, even in the winter sometimes, whereas the evening get quite cold. Because of the sun and the way light reflects off the white buildings, you can feel blinded and a little disoriented, so be sure to pack sunglasses!


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