Designer[Insider]: Gulabi Trunk

With less than 50 days until my wedding, there are only a few things at this point that I’m actually feeling good about. Wedding planning can be nightmare and one of the biggest stresses for a bride, especially when you’re planning multiple events, is styling perfect looks for each day–and with Desi weddings, that is no easy feat. I sorted all 15 of my bridal looks many months prior to the wedding, giving myself ample time to get it right. Even with ample time, however, the task of styling a wedding is a stressful process. Your vision as a bride gets clouded with opinions, and trends and Pinterest boards of inspiration, but how do you bring that to life?

This is where a new startup called Gulabi Trunk comes in. 

Divya Jain and her colleague Akshita Mahtani are the stylists behind Gulabi Trunk, a company that helps style South Asian brides and their immediate families from across the country and overseas. They provide a wide range of styling services for South Asian brides, their families, their guests, or anyone in general looking to upgrade their style. 

Gulabi Trunk is a great resource and will provide services such as:

· Connecting with a designer based on the budget provided

· Sourcing fabric, laces and other materials needed to assemble the outfit

· Hand embroidery and/or other craftsmanship required for the outfit

· Sending out measurement cards to help get the right fit

· Constant interaction with the client to ensure every element of the outfit matches their expectations

· A trial, if possible to ensure the outfit is perfect in terms of colour, work and fit

· A personal shopper to recommend colours and styles to the client, if possible.

For many brides living abroad, much of wedding styling is done remotely at the hands of aunties and cousins. If you’re lucky enough to take a trip home to India or Pakistan for wedding shopping, you realize very quickly how stressful it is to get what you want. Gulabi Trunk makes the process more accessible and easier, so you have one less thing to stress about. If you’re interested, contact Gulabi Trunk at for more information! 

*Photo Credit Brim Company. Products featured in images are not designed by Gulabi Trunk*

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