Lately I’ve been all about my cobalt blue. For this particular look I paired a blue wrap dress from H&M on top of a mesh blue skirt from Trumpet Jewels with my absolute favorite blue booties from ASOS and a necklace from Bali by Sana. 

Monochromatic color schemes have recently become a thing again and I love it.  While pattern blocking or color blocking is great, my OCD loves nothing more than matching hues. And when you choose a single color to base the look on, it creates an opportunity to look past the obvious and really experiment with textures. The monochrome trend messes around with mostly neutrals such as nude, grey, camel, or even a blush, so I was interested in seeing how monochrome would work with a bold color like cobalt blue. 



Dress: H&M

Skirt: Trumpet Jewels

Shoes: ASOS

Photography: Shamain K Photography

Hair&Makeup: Christina Williams Singh of Beauty On The Go


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