When it comes to style, I do not see where the lines are drawn. You can and should wear anything you please. There are no rules, no limits, nor parameters. Because style does not tell you who to be, style is who you are. As sentient beings, we compartmentalize constantly–organizing everything we do into categories, labeling, even separating who we are as multifaceted individuals from ourselves.

Style helps me transcend. 

Now, to anyone else, clothes are clothes and have no real value. This is true. However, clothes are the product of a process: a process that is driven by economics, creativity, or both. For me, I live for the process of deconstructing and creating. Clothes are just clothes, yes, but they can also be creative expression. They can challenge convention. They can break barriers and bring together people with glorious ideas. They can start a conversation that leads to inspiration that leads to a culture. Far fetched? Maybe. But sometimes you have to consider what you value: the process or the product. You can monetize the product, but there is no physical, tangible, quantifiable way to determine the value of the process. In short, and outfit is more than the sum of its likes. The outfit is often a declaration of self, and you cannot put a number on that. 

Outfit Details:

Crop top: H&M

Bottoms: Dhoti Pants from Bombay

Jacket: Sammy K

Shoe: Ankle strap wedges from a random boutique in Miami

Accessories: Hat from H&M, necklace from Forever 21, vintage Casio gold watch, sunglasses by RayBan 


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