70s & the Fringe of Fashion


The 70s have been making a steady comeback in fashion over the course of spring and summer, showing no signs of dissipating into the fall and winter seasons. Cropped knits, bell bottoms, suede, fringe, big western buckles, button-front skirts, lace-up bodysuits, and positive vibes are having a fashion moment again right now–and we think it’s way rad.

During the 70s, we witnessed the end of the Vietnam war, the Bangladesh Liberation War, the Iranian Revolution, Nixon & the Watergate scandal, The Jackson 5, ABBA, Bob Marley, Elvis and Led Zepplin, Star Wars, The Godfather, The Brady Bunch and countless other pivotal contributions to the world. Understanding context, you can see how events in culture reflect in the style. The 70s rode the momentum of change from the flower power of the 60s. Progress, peace, love, a regression back to natural in reaction to the hyperconsumerism of the 50s–it was all a more organic way of life. Clothes were effortless, free, and relaxed, while still challenging the prim & proper attitudes of generations before. The revolution of the world gave rise to a revolution in fashion. Fashion has always been cyclical in nature, creating new out of old, but most importantly, fashion is a visual representation of culture and society. It encapsulates a time that can later be revisited. And fashion always revisits.

Outfit Details:

Bottoms: Flares from Joe’s Jeans

Crop tank: H&M

Jacket: Authentic suede from Forever 21

Booties: Foreve 21

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


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