The Ramadan Series: SanatCraft


We love anything eccentric, quirky, and unapologetically unique here, so when I came across @sanatcraft on Instagram I pretty much flipped out over how cool her stuff was. Based out of Australia, SANAT Craft provides the world with a bit of humor mixed into some really cool apparel and accessories. Founder Silda creates more than just handcrafted products, but rather a perspective that reclaims a lot of the Muslim identity that is lost in the misunderstanding of today’s hypersensitive climate.


Through fashion, Silda found a way to express cultural identity and make a statement. One of my favorite pieces, the “Extreme Muslim” t-shirt, is provocative, relevant, and downright hilarious. It makes you think. And in the colossal world of useless vanity, to find handcrafted brands that are both aesthetically and intellectually stimulating is so exciting. I highly suggest checking out SANAT Craft‘s online shop and following @sanatcraft on Instagram, especially if you’re looking for some unique gifts this Ramadan!


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