After my recent trip to India, I came back with a revamped love for the dhoti pant. They are oh so exotic, but most of all, dhotis are fun as hell. Comfy, quirky, and a bit fobby, the dhoti pant is really making a shift from orthodox traditional Indian wear to the new contemporary cool. 

Let’s be real, wearing a shalwar out in public is a bit risky, but my style incorporates a lot of Indian influences, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Fashion is a celebration of who I am and if I’m going to pretend like I’m NYC chic in black-on-black all the time, then I’m an insult to a heritage that is so rich in culture and style. 

Where can you snag a pair? Surprisingly, it was challenging to find dhoti pants by themselves in Bombay since most were part of a whole outfit in various boutiques, but Bohemian Chic in Dallas carries neutral colored dhoti pants, so check them out here.

So how can your work with the overwhelming silhouette of dhotis? Well dhoti pants are loose and flowy, so pair it with a fitted top. Or don’t and work the whole boho thing, but be mindful because dhotis can overwhelm your thighs and make you look fat. Dhotis are distinctly different than harem pants, patialas, and palazzos. The difference is how the hem hits your ankles. It brings a focus to your feet, so use that to draw attention to funky statement shoes. I can list so many other things, but the best way is to experiment and have fun. And if all else fails, wear it to Coachella. Most importantly, be confident and wear it proud! We can’t let Kendall Jenner do it better than us, yall. Because she will if we don’t reclaim our dhotis! #reclaimthedhoti


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