The Ramadan Series: Graffiti & Gold

Style blogger Bayann is changing the game by bringing a bit of Arab flair to the urban streets. Bayann’s brand, Graffiti & Gold, turns her love for urban graffiti art and Arabic transliteration into the coolest collection of men & womens streetwear. Seriously. You have got to check this out. With amazing graffiti-style Arabic calligraphy print tunics and tees, D[I] is predicting that Graffiti & Gold is going to blow up the Instablogosphere. And why should it not? There is a need for more cultural awareness and fashion contributes to that dialogue. What we wear, eat, drink, think, post, rep–all of it is a capsule of our culture. And graffiti street art is a culture in itself, beginning as a rebellious form of expression, now celebrated as a form of art. It says we exist, and we will not be silenced. And I think that is exactly what this brand is about. When you combine the rebellious edge of graffiti, with Arabic inspiration and fashion, you get style and statement. It speaks to the growing underground culture of young Muslims all over the world who want to be seen & heard.

Here at Dallas[Intuitive] we are excited to feature Graffiti & Gold on our Ramadan Series, and even more excited for what this brand is going to do in the future. Check out the website and follow @graffiti_gold on Instagram! And if you want to shop, be sure to use the code RIDA for 25% off! 


Photo Credits: Taken at the Graffiti Park in Austin TX by Hazim Mandavia

Outfit Details

  • Vest: MM Couture
  • Tunic: Graffiti & Gold
  • Dhoti jumpsuit: Trumpet Jewels
  • Leather loafers: Forever 21
  • Sunglasses: Prada
  • Septum ear chain: Forever 21


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