Personal Style Mantra


Figuring out your personal style can be a perplexing thing because you are not consciously thinking about it, yet it is pervasive in everything you do. When figuring out your style, think about what you gravitate to–what you want the world to know about you. Fashion, afterall, is a conversation. Having a clear idea of who you are and what you want allows you to find quality over quantity. It allows you to push limits. And if pushing limits is not your thing, then that’s okay too. Whatever your personal style is, embrace it. Celebrate it. The beauty of it is, style is fluid. It changes and evolves. In fashion, they say you are either a preserver or an innovator, but why not both? To stick with one aesthetic sounds poetic, but the reality is people are multidimensional and grow to love so many things, why not incorporate all of that into your personal style?

For me, my personal style is a culmination of all that I am, a bit of what inspires me, and everything I aspire to be. I am drawn to the outlandish and offbeat, which plays a huge role in the types of pieces I pick. I look for the art in it because my personal style is an extension of my ever-evolving creativity. I seek out the sentimental value to things I buy, because that emotional element to fashion brings a whole new texture to the experience. And for me, it is always an experience. Simply, it is an expression of myself. I want to look back and see the evolution of my style. I want each outfit or phase to tell volumes of that time, encapsulate moments of the story of my life and celebrate my legacy. I want my kids to look back at my old pictures and say,”What the hell were you wearing, mom?”. 


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