The Psychology Of It

Dallas [Intuitive] has been an incredible platform for the exchange of ideas, the sharing of love, and the meeting of new friends. I love what I do. Truly. And as humbled as I am by the support for all my fashion and style content, I am hoping to switch gears a bit.

So far I have only portrayed one side of me that deals with creativity, inspiration, and namely clothes. However, what many do not know is that I am equally, if not more passionate about Psychology and mental health issues. I am currently completing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M University Commerce. I come from a strong medical background working in geriatrics, neonatal ICU, and cardiology, but it was the field of Psychology that interested me most. While wrapping up my Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas, I worked as a Behavioral Therapist for children with Autism at the ABA of North Texas and now work as a graduate researcher for A&M. This is the heart and soul of my life. I live to learn and serve others.

So why the LinkedIn recap?

It has always been my intention to make Dallas[Intuitive] larger than life. Something so much more than just vanity, clothes, and fashion, which is why I consciously chose a name for the blog that would not limit me to just one genre. I have finally reached a stage where I want to share more than just the latest trends at NYFW. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion, but I never really considered myself a fashion blogger. Fashion and style are only small portions of my life. I want to integrate my other passions on to this platform and hopefully inspire people to seek knowledge in everything they do. So, henceforth Dallas[Intuitive] will feature lifestyle pieces on psychology & mental health issues, food, music, art, travel, spirituality, everything that makes my life rich of experience, knowledge, and love. It may not be the best marketing strategy, but I refuse to play the numbers game as far as my passions are concerned. Because that’s what this is about. We are connected to eachother by the things we share, and I just want my contribution to the dialogue of humanity to be a little more meaningful. Thank you for bearing with me, I am excited for what is in store.



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