Designer[Insider]: MKollection


My penchant for offbeat statement necklaces has taken me on a unique journey to seek out designers that’s share an aesthetic. I stumbled on the incredible MKollection on Instagram and fell in love, especially with this vintage gold coin necklace called “Regina”. Her pieces are unique and so reasonably priced! We caught up with Maya, the owner, to hear more about how she got started. Here’s what she had to say:


“My brand is something I created just last year out of the simple desire to walk into a room and just “stand out”. When it comes to styling an outfit, I know the importance of accessories in a daily woman’s life. It can make or break an outfit. That being said, my favorite thing about putting together an outfit is the jewelry so I wanted to assemble unique pieces that I can share with all fashionistas! Statement jewelry has been an ongoing trend and I made it my goal to create this collection to bring fabulous and affordable statement pieces that will liven up a simple outfit. All of the pieces make a bold statement and are all priced under $30 USD. I had so much fun building this collection and have learned a lot about excellent customer service as well! It is always exciting to communicate with so many girls who share the same passion for accessories! MKollection is growing and will soon be partnering/launching on, our sister company. In the future, the collection is looking to expand into other areas of the wardrobe as well so stay tuned!”

I highly recommend checking out the rest of her stuff on Instagram (@MKollection)z And if you fall in love with a necklace, use my code RIDA10 to receive 10% off your order! Happy shopping 🙂


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