Aisle 14: Color


Heavily inspired by Chanel AW14 at Paris Fashion Week, I partnered up with the insanely talented Nida Rehman to shoot my editorial style series called “Aisle 14”. This series features transitional winter-to-spring styles en vivo. It was important to capture not just the outfits, but the outfits in motion, which Nida is amazing at. I seriously do not think anyone could have brought my vision to life quite like Nida. These images needed to express life and I could not be more proud of the results.

The first installment of Aisle 14 is Color. It is all about pushing the boundaries of what works. Here I paired an H&M yellow sweater with purple ASOS joggers, an ASOS pale blue faux fur gillet, and neon snakeskin lace-ups from GoJane. What stood out to me about this particular combination is that fact that it does not look like it would work from the offset, but once you put it together, it just clicks.




Stay tuned for our more groceries and more awkward poses! 

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