Ramadan Steez

It’s that wonderful time of the year when the days are long and hot, and the fasting is in full swing for observing Muslims around the world! While this religious time is full of introspection and prayer, Ramadan is more than the spiritual experience, but also about spending time with family & friends. So, what do you do when you fast for over 15 hours, and are too tired to get ready for an iftaar? Here are some cool easy tips to make sure you are styling until suhoor:

1. Kurti tunic + Tights: This is my go-to for when I don’t want to wear full-on traditional outfits. A simple long kurti top and some comfy tights makes this a stress-free, tasteful, and minimally chic look! Some of my fav kurtis I bought are from Zara!

2. Simple vs. Statement: Ramadan is about getting back to the basics in many ways, which also means in the way we present ourselves. Since the real celebration is Eid, everything until then is simple & sophisticated, including makeup. While many don’t wear makeup at all, a quick mascara, blush, and subtle lip combo can go a long way. Try this fun sugar lip treatment from Fresh.

3. Keep it Effortless: There’s a lot of on-and-off when it comes to shoes, so go with the easy option, which for many of us, are ugly house slippers. Opt for a pair of cute slip-ons like these Zara flats

4. Accessorize: The fuss of jewelry can be annoying when you are hangry, but opting for a stylish & functional statement bag can bring together an outfit better than jewelry sometimes. I am definitely lusting over these Celine bags. (Eid present? Thanks)

5. Feel Good, Look Good: Ultimately, looking good is dependent on how you feel. Keep your calm, and soak in all the amazing things this time has to offer. Focus on the excitement of being around loved ones rather than focusing on the hunger and fatigue, which is difficult sometimes. A positive, patient, and friendly attitude is more noticeable than cute shoes.


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