White + Colour

For this look, I have loaded up on all things Zara. I mean, I am still recovering from how dope their recent sale was. Anyways, summer style, to me, is a combination of neutrals and a pop of color. Stepping away from what’s expected is what it’s all about, and things like crop tops, jean shorts, […]


Lilac & Leather (obviously)

There are colors that are the “trend” and colors that one just obsesses over. For quite some time, it’s been pale lilac for me (which is a muted pinkish purple, different from its commonly confused counterpart, lavender, which is more of a pale blueish purple). Light, pastel colors are always a safe bet for day […]


A Boyish Sunday

The beauty of fashion lies in its tendency to blur the lines of what is male or female. Some of the best runway moments are of those where androgyny and conventions are challenged. While this Sunday Funday #ootd is no fashion runway moment, it does mix a bit of boyish charm with girly grace (or […]