Bloggers love styling NYE outfits, but if you’re like me and not about that typical short sequins dress life, consider sequins tights and a cute top as a warm yet glitzy alternative. Or be a rebel and ditch the glitz. Fur, leather, and bright colors are some other ways to make a statement, as well as playing with accessories such as an ear cuff or a bold lipstick to turn up your look. Looking chic is important, but if you plan on being out on the town, remember to dress comfortably. Nothing is more gauche than crippling heels, the freezing cold, and another whiny girl complaining about it all. 

Be safe, be comfortable, and let’s make 2016 even better!


Top: Bar III

Bottoms: H&M

Coat: ASOS

Shoes: ASOS

Sunglasses: QUAY Australia


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