Aisle 14: Edge


Aisle 14 continues with Edge. Nida Rehman captures me in my staple: a beloved Buffalo by David Bitton leather jacket. I don’t think I could exist without it, really. I paired my staple with a “Fashion Blogger” Arabic tee, a gift from T-Shirt Policy London and Urbanite’s incredible “Aisha” silver statement piece (both brands are featured on Designer[Insider]). The gingham midi skirt from MissGuided ensures I do not look androgynous because sometimes, I dress like a dude. And I love it. The shoes are from Forever 21, topped with a funky little half topknot and last minute specs (courtesy of Nida Rehman herself). Let’s acknowledge how fantastic these shots turned out, despite Nida being blind because I thought her glasses would make me look cooler. Oh, the vanity.

This segment is a bit more punk IDGAF with a sprinkle of sass. Enjoy.




 Outfit Details

  • Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitton
  • Top: T-Shirt Policy London
  • Jewelry: Urbanite
  • Bottom: MissGuided
  • Shoes: Forever 21

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