I don’t experiment with makeup too often, and only use a max of like 5-10 products for a full makeup look because when it comes to makeup, you can achieve more with less. If there is one aspect that I get wild with, it’s lip color. Lipstick really is one of the most versatile and easy ways to transform a look and it can very easily become the statement you’re looking for. Here’s the 2014 Ultimate Guide to Lippies:

(Top Left) Kylie Jenner: MAC “Soar” lip pencil
(Top Right) Zenon: MAC Chromagraphic Pro Makeup Pencil in “High Def Cyan”
(Bottom Left) Goth: Limecrime “Black Velvet”
(Bottom Right) Orange: MAC “So Chaud”

(Top Left) Minimal: Tarte “Exposed” Matte Tint
(Top Right) Drag Green: Vaseline and green loose glitter lined with MAC “Nightmoth”
(Bottom Left) Everyday: Tarte “Hope” Matte Tint
(Bottom Right) Neon Coral: MAC “Impassioned”

(Top Left) Dark: MAC “Media”
(Top Right) Purple: MAC “Heroine”
(Bottom Left) Fuchsia: MAC “Flat Out Fabulous”
(Bottom Right) Red: MAC “Relentlessly Red”

(Top Left) Burnt Cherry: MAC “Diva”
(Top Right) Deep Plum: MAC “Instigator”
(Bottom Left) Bright Red: Maybelline Satin
(Bottom Right) Berry: Tarte “Lively” Matte Tint

(Top Left) Light Pink: Tarte “Lucky” Matte Tint
(Top Right) Nicki Minaj: MAC “Candy Yum Yum”
(Bottom Left) Perfect Red: MAC “Ruby Woo”
(Bottom Right) Nude: MAC “Viva Glam II”

I definitely play around with lip colors a lot and keep the rest of my face minimal. Because I prefer matte colors, keeping my lips plump and soft is crucial. Matte colors tend to grind against crusty lips, so I definitely incorporate lots of Chapstick and lip scrub into my regimen, such as Lush’s Lip Scrub in Bubblegum and Burt’s Bees. How do you amp up your lips? Let us know and until next time, kisses!

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