Wang X H&M


There was a substantial amount of hype over the fashion collab of the season. What’s there not to get excited about? You have Alexander Wang, the man behind Balenciaga, creating a line for H&M. I mean, it’s all gravy, right? No. What I find every year H&M rolls out these major collections is that they are more of a tug-of-war than a true fashion union. There is either a lack of designer integrity and prowess or a surge in what should be an otherwise economical price. I have yet to find a collab that I feel is next to perfect. There is always something missing, and unfortunately, Wang X H&M is no different.

I get it, sports luxe is chic. We want to make comfy and sporty more fashionable, so everyone grabs an Adidas shirt, or some Nike trainers and tries to just style it up. Great. However, when we are talking Alexander Wang, I don’t expect workout gear. Maybe I am fashion illiterate, but I just don’t. I anticipate lots of black, clean, modern silhouettes, some edge thrown in, but not this:



I’m sorry, am I going snowboarding? Do I genuinely need to invest in a $40 sports bra with “WANG” plastered across my chest? The collection seemed outlandish and entirely contrived, minus a few accessories and shoes. Wang X H&M is geared towards a very small demographic, which defeats the purpose of bringing an upscale designer to a large platform. Perhaps I need to adjust my expectations for the next H&M fashion collab. Until next time, then!


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