Hadleigh’s Bespoke and Dallas Dapper


Hadleigh’s Bespoke is an elusive little jewel tucked away in Highland Park Village. The store is fabulous and quirky, possessing a unique flair for fine craftsmanship and crisp style. Hadleigh’s began in 2009 by owners Ed and Gable Shaikh. The stylish duo began their venture after working at Ralph Lauren in Dallas. They named Hadleigh’s after their daughter and have turned a family-run shop into an upscale movement in custom-wear clothing.


After hearing wonderful things about the shop, I stopped by to see for myself. The place was bright, cheery, and very charming. Downstairs is a very blue, modern main retail store, which also sells online to places such as Neiman Marcus. Upstairs is a rustic, private office and custom shop. Hadleigh’s Bespoke carries women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories, but I was most mesmerized by the quality of menswear. With their staple blue appearing as neat facets on shirts, to hand-crafted, fine blazers, Hadleigh’s definitely has an impeccable attention to detail. Their loafers are whimsical and fresh, marked with a seemingly large “H”, but if you look closely the Hadleigh’s “H” is actually two men shaking hands. How clever!


Places like Hadleigh’s Bespoke are the types of initiatives the Dallas fashion scene needs. A fresh, new perspective on menswear in a place where most men don’t drift far from the basic-button-down-and-jeans look is the remedy for generations of fashion faux pas. Okay, I exaggerate, but the men in this town can definitely use some direction. Even while Hadleigh’s prices reflect the luxurious wear, the idea behind a well-dressed man, and an homage to fine men’s tailoring is something we all can appreciate. 

All images via Pinterest.com


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