D[I] Eats



Ain’t no lie that I love food. In fact, I seldom leave the house and not eat out. Aside from my sheer gluttonous ways, I think it’s an act of god that placed a foodie like me in a city that shares the same passion for fine dining. As a result, I’ve compiled my top 10 places to eat out in da big D! Now, this list will definitely develop as time goes, but so far I’m pretty happy about these picks. Check it:

  1. Afrah (Favs: akkawi pie, falafel basket, knafeh, and shish tawook sandwich on Afrah bread)
  2. Asian Mint (Favs: pad see ew, and jasmine creme brulee)
  3. Breadwinner’s (Favs: fried chicken & waffles, portabella patty melt)
  4. Fogo de Chao (Favs: garlic beef, filet mignon)
  5. Rise No. 1 (Favs: marshmallow soup, chicken souffle)
  6. Al Markaz (Favs: bheja fry masala, bihari kabob)
  7. Samui Thai (Favs: pad see ew, panang curry)
  8. Wild Salsa (Favs: everything, especially the rice and beans)
  9. Taverna (Favs: rissoto al parmigiano all’olio tartufato)
  10. Eatzi’s (Favs: everthing, especially the avocado chicken sandwiches)


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